Thursday, November 15, 2007

Illustration Friday: SCALE

My first IF contribution in an extremely long time. Hello from my new hom in NM - I've missed everyone!
This is a quick little spot illustration. I was thinking about scales and Justice and Libra and then I thought doing a portrait of Libra... but then I remembered, it's Thursday. This has to be done today, this has to be done quickly. So I moved on to thinking about doing a drawing of something showing scale... a penny WITH something. But that idea was simplified down to what is basically a universal scale tool: a penny, or any coin. It was fun, and it was really quick. I didn't even notice the time. I guess that's a good thing. :)

Update: Life

So, it's been a really, really, REALLY long time since I've posted. My show in ABQ went off beautifully, and it's been a whirlwind of events ever since. Between packing up my life in NJ, driving across the country (and breaking down in Louisiana!), moving into my new home in NM, and starting my new life as a full-time freelance artist -- things have been a little, hectic... to say the least. But I want to get back into things, into the illustrator's hat. I've been working steadily, which is a blessing, but I miss my blog and the new things it's always inspired. I miss being involved with Illustration Friday and SFG and all the others. So, I will be working hard to make the time to get back into it all.

I'll start with a sampling of my first freelance illustration project that was completed the NIGHT I ARRIVED in ABQ (so much for settling in). It was a very small, low budget project but fun none-the-less. This is for the cover of a promotional pamphlet for the Boys and Girls Club (not an actual book). I've included the sketch phase, the final drawing, and a mock-up of the cover. Enjoy!