Friday, November 20, 2009

New Work: More Sticker Samples

Okay it's been a long, long time… again. I'm really bad with the updates these days. I feel like I've been adding too much to my plate for the last few months on one hand, but feel I always work best when super-busy. That being said, I still have the problem of all-work, no-play and not much I can really share, as so much of my current work is confidential until released.
So, what's new? Well, here are some more stickers I've worked on that were release earlier this year. I always get a kick out of seeing these in production. I do fairly detailed product concept sketches, that are then interpreted in various materials (paper, fabric, epoxy, mylar, you name it). I do a LOT of these and it's usually pretty fun. These two themes are something of a departure for me. I'm really not down with the hunting and fishing - but it's kinda fun to explore themes you're not familiar with.
Sometimes I'm amazed at how closely they follow the sketch - I mean look at the camo pattern on the hat - it's almost an exact translation! Ha!