Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Postcard Promo! (Spring… technically)

I have a new promo postcard ready to go! Okay, I've had it ready to go since mid-May… I've been a little slow this year. Prepared, but slow. Trying to catch up on my blog posts too. I won't even bother to postdate this one, LOL.

Here's the full piece. I call it Polly and Sunny (polar bear & sun bear) and it's the piece I completed for the SCBWI-NM Enchantment Show earlier this year.

This piece was a lot of fun, The original is pretty tiny, but I enlarged the final piece to about 10"x 20". All the line work was layered in digitally.

My goal this year has been to push myself and develop a more blended style of traditional & digital techniques. This was definitely a step in the right direction… but I think I'd like to loosen up even more,  push the characters even further. What say you?