Friday, February 08, 2008

Illustration Friday: THEORY

What happens to all those Christmas spirits? Isn't it Christmas somewhere all year long?
I intended to do a christmas card, but it got done a little later than I had planned, so I tried to make it more of a cross-over, Christmas - into new year card. How did I do?

RECENT WORK: Time Out New York

I've done quite a few small jobs for TONY. What follows is a sampling: some icons for the SEEK section on winter sports and dating activities and also a promotional campaign for their singles issue


Illustration Friday: CHOOSE

So much for turning over a new leaf... Freelance life is a lot more busy and hectic than I expected, I guess. I thought I'd have MORE time to blog and make artwork, but it seems I'm always running around, doing work, getting more work, checking up on clients, you name it! Not that I'm complaining, I love it. But I do miss this stuff - and I want to do more. I haven't been posting as I'd like. But I thought I'd post a few of the pieces I've done in the last few months, as a catch up of sorts.
This piece was done for a friend as a christmas gift. She loves her Hero (short for Herododus, father of history).

It's interesting the theme this week is CHOOSE and not CHOICE. Depending on interpretation the difference can be small or large. I'm choosing to post this, because it's what I have and it's been far too long. I know it's weak and there's NO concept whatsoever, but I gotta get back in the game some how! Encourage me folks - I needs to do NEW work!