Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Work: Bella Sara, BELLA'S BALL

Bella Sara rescently released their new card series called "Bella's Ball". It's been great working with Bella Sara with Hidden City Games. I worked on three characters (no background art) for this series, the 10th for Bella Sara. Above is Apollo, a previously existing character who has made several appearances in throughout series. I was really nervous about this one, because the original character art was created by my friend and awesome illustrator, Jennifer L. Meyer, had major shoes to fill here. ;) I also got to work on Bryda for a second time, a character I was asked to create for the Treasures series. It was awesome to be given an opportunity to develop a character that I established in a previous series. The last character for this group is Athena, Apollo's counterpart (or vice versa) and also a long established character. Everyone is "done up" and beatified for the extravagant ball. :)