Monday, January 16, 2012

Illustration Friday: PREPARE

I actually started this on Friday, and got it mostly done… but it's been a crazy few days and I got side-tracked as per usual. But I've finished this up today and am posting for IF on my birthday… my gift to myself I guess!

What was funny, I made a pear/gorgonzola/pecan salad on Thursday evening, and had drawn it similar to this (only in pen & ink, not pencil -- will post as part of my drawing morning pages in a bit). When I showed it to my friends at our weekly Illustration Friday get-together at the local coffee house, Lynn Platow suggested it would make a great drawing for this week's IF theme. Ha! Not wanting to "cheat", I decided to make a new drawing, in pencil, based on the salad I made for lunch on Friday. If I'd done it to the right template, this could totally work for TDAC. LOL

BTW, I totally did this on the fly… remembering the ingredients and picturing them in my head. Sometimes it's good to draw from life, sometime it's okay to make it up as you. ;)