Monday, January 09, 2012

Drawing Morning Pages (Doodle Edition)

Jan 5-8, 2012

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crazylady said...

Your sketchbook pages are really nice. Have you ever thought of doing a Moleskine Exchange (Sketchbook Exchange)? I want to form a group of people who each start a Moleskine and then ship it to others in the group, each time you get a sketchbook you draw in it and then mail it to the next person. When the sketchbooks are done, you send them back to the original artist, and everyone has a book full of awesome work.

Here's the blog of a group doing it now: If you join this group on Flickr: you can check out the "USA Moleskine Exchange" discussion I started, and there is one other person so far who wants to do it I think.

I hope you are interested, but if you are too busy or don't want to, I completely understand. I hope you can check out my blog as well! :)

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