Sunday, June 17, 2007

Illustration Friday: SUIT

Late again. I didn't have time to do anything new last week and I had intended to post these sooner. Oops. I created them as a self-promotional series. I've now entered a couple in the Custom 52 contest, plus a new piece. Vote for me! Here, here, and here! Thanks!!


Keri Smith is an amazing author, artist, and creative spirit. She has written several inspirational creativity books. This is her newest (there's ANOTHER one coming shortly - Guerilla Art Kit). I've been waiting for this one! After work on Friday I went over the the local B&N and picked it up. I was so anxious to get home and start destroying it. I have a serious perfectionist problem, but I love happy accidents. Playing with this journal is a reminder that you can find beauty in everything, even things that are beat up, destroyed, burned, scratched and more. Relax, let go, have FUN! Thank you Keri!!

Coincidentally, when I walked in to ask if they had the journal, the girl helping me asked me to wait while she went to retrieve it for me. While I stood at the information desk, I notice an interesting book sitting on the counter. I waited for someone to return and I asked if it was being held for someone. It wasn't, so I took it and went to sit down and started reading. It's called ˆGig: Americans Talk about Their Jobsˆ. It's really extremely interesting, and easy to sit and read in short spurts because it’s a series short essays by individuals living and working myriad jobs across the country. Being at a stage that I am really questioning what it is that I am doing and what I would LIKE to be doing, this seemed to fall out of the sky at just the right time. I haven't actually ˆboughtˆ the book, but I've been back to B&N twice and picked it up to read a bit more... is that bad? Check it out:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quote 2: Kierkegaard

So I'm going through a time of real self-evaluation - asking all the usual questions: Who am I really? What do I want to do with my life? What do I want out of life? What really makes me happy? etc, etc. I'm reading lots of books, exploring lots of radically different options... all I know is I need a big change. So, I'm working on figuring that out. I've been reading lots of books and listening to interesting interviews, podcasts, and radio. Some of it helps, some of it makes me feels worse, but it's part of the experience. I found this quote in one of my many books and thought, yeah, this is the right sentiment, I need to remember this.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

SFG: Sketches

I decided to look through some sketchbooks and pull various sketches from over the last few years. I've been trying to sketch more recently, because I'd fallen out of the practice... thus the date stamped sketchbook. Goal: draw SOMETHING everyday. Anything else is bonus. At the beginning, it was hard just to get the one drawing in, now I usually have to keeping going. Just wish I hadn't let it go for so long...

My crazy mind at work, this is the fun stuff I really enjoy. Wish the inspiration hit me more often.

Horses, my first passion... then came the drawing.

Random daily sketches.

These are the oldest sketches, from a personal project I started in college. I don't sketch like this anyamore, I've become too lazy. Would love to do it more often.