Saturday, June 09, 2007

SFG: Sketches

I decided to look through some sketchbooks and pull various sketches from over the last few years. I've been trying to sketch more recently, because I'd fallen out of the practice... thus the date stamped sketchbook. Goal: draw SOMETHING everyday. Anything else is bonus. At the beginning, it was hard just to get the one drawing in, now I usually have to keeping going. Just wish I hadn't let it go for so long...

My crazy mind at work, this is the fun stuff I really enjoy. Wish the inspiration hit me more often.

Horses, my first passion... then came the drawing.

Random daily sketches.

These are the oldest sketches, from a personal project I started in college. I don't sketch like this anyamore, I've become too lazy. Would love to do it more often.


annax said...

Oh my goodness these drawings are fabulous!!
I received your lovely email. Will email back tonight :)
Joy! Annax

wonil said...

wow, i love these drawings. my absolute favorite is the second one, the horses, especially the one with tree branches growing out of the back.

kdhamel said...

Great sketches Melinda! I, of course, love the horses, but they are all wonderful. I have some old sketches in my book from (ahem, alongtimeago) that are MUCH better than I do now - today I am too hurried in everything!

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