Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Work: Sticker Sunday, "Gingerbread Townhouses"

What is this time of year about really, other than to make yummy treats and decorate everything to the hilt. Well, lots really… but let's focus here. ;)
This was a very fun theme to work on. I LOVE gingerbread. I also appreciate gingerbread houses, although I can't say that I've actually ever made one… that I remember (maybe I've blocked out the memories because I can draw better than I can decorate with icing?!). I knew I had to do something to mix things up so I could make this an interesting sticker sheet, so I threw some townhouses in there, lost of icing, and yummy candy accents. :) I love the little colorful gems the production team has added.

I have to add though, I never really GOT gingerbread houses. It's seems like an awful lot of time and effort and yummy goodies to put into something that no one really ends up EATING. So disappointing, but VERY cool looking. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Work: Sticker Sunday, "Giving Thanks"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
This was a fun and interesting subject to tackle with stickers (and scrapbooking in general). We usually try to avoid people in scrapbooking stickers, because… well, they probably won't look like the people that are being scrapbooked about (and let's face it, it's hard to translate faces into simple cut paper shapes). With this theme, we were able to fudge the scenario a little more, since the subjects shown are not meant to be the actual people your scrapping about, but accents to highlight holiday photos, school projects, or anything else you like. You can see that they kept the bottom icon the same, while changing the top icons so the cornucopia was the largest, instead of the hat and headdress. Makes sense to me. Personally, I think the faces still came out a bit funny, but overall a fun sticker sheet for a wonderful family holiday.

Eat tons this week, ENJOY IT and be thankful for it! (Not guilty! No guilt for Thanksgiving - we can feel guilty at New Year's when we don't fit in our party clothes. ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Work: Sticker Sunday, "Making Cookies"

In keeping with the baking and various cooking preparations that usually take place this month (and next) here is a sticker sheet about one of my favorite activities - Making Cookies!! Yum.
Here we get to see a little more process again, as several things were changed at the production stage. My sketch was a solid go this time around, not many revisions or changes there. In my final vector art, I used a lot of light gray - intending that it should be silver foil stamping on the actual stickers. In the final product photo, these areas appear black (silver foil stamping is reflective, almost like a fuzzy mirror surface, so it does often look black at certain angles). They also decided to change my blue accents to Red. Okay, I get it. Hey, I painted my OWN kitchen red. Must have been a last minute change since they didn't ask me to do it in revisions. :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Monday, November 08, 2010

New Work: Sticker Monday, "Bakery"

Happy November! Thanksgiving is coming up and I thought I'd share a vector sticker sheet this week, based on FOOD. Sweet, yummy, baked food. I don't know if you all go the the Bakery in preparation for Thanksgiving, I usually don't -- but how tempting it is!

This is a pretty straight forward design, not much changed from sketch to finish. I really enjoy this kind of theme, because I'm not only illustrating yummy goodies, but I get to make up a fake little identity theme for the bakery as well.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


The new Colored Pencil Society of America's Signature Showcase book is out! I received my copy this past weekend and got to see my very own piece in print… in a book!