Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Work: Sticker Sunday, "Gingerbread Townhouses"

What is this time of year about really, other than to make yummy treats and decorate everything to the hilt. Well, lots really… but let's focus here. ;)
This was a very fun theme to work on. I LOVE gingerbread. I also appreciate gingerbread houses, although I can't say that I've actually ever made one… that I remember (maybe I've blocked out the memories because I can draw better than I can decorate with icing?!). I knew I had to do something to mix things up so I could make this an interesting sticker sheet, so I threw some townhouses in there, lost of icing, and yummy candy accents. :) I love the little colorful gems the production team has added.

I have to add though, I never really GOT gingerbread houses. It's seems like an awful lot of time and effort and yummy goodies to put into something that no one really ends up EATING. So disappointing, but VERY cool looking. :)

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