Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Work: Sticker Sunday, "Making Cookies"

In keeping with the baking and various cooking preparations that usually take place this month (and next) here is a sticker sheet about one of my favorite activities - Making Cookies!! Yum.
Here we get to see a little more process again, as several things were changed at the production stage. My sketch was a solid go this time around, not many revisions or changes there. In my final vector art, I used a lot of light gray - intending that it should be silver foil stamping on the actual stickers. In the final product photo, these areas appear black (silver foil stamping is reflective, almost like a fuzzy mirror surface, so it does often look black at certain angles). They also decided to change my blue accents to Red. Okay, I get it. Hey, I painted my OWN kitchen red. Must have been a last minute change since they didn't ask me to do it in revisions. :)

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