Bella Sara

Since I've been getting some messages and actually meeting fans, I thought my Bella Sara work deserved it's own little page, especially for fans, to come and see exactly what I've done - all in one place. Here you'll find all the character and card art I've completed and Hidden City Entertainment has released. Enjoy!

Summer Camp: This brand new set was just released - even though it's now 2011, I finished the artwork back in 2010 (production of a series can take quite a bit of time - artwork is created well in advance of release dates). I haven't even SEEN these cards yet myself! Looking forward to getting my hands on some soon. :)

Spring Carnival: I'm actually really sad when I'm only asked for one character in a set, but that usually means I get to spend a lot more time with it, add fun little details, and really make something special. Nova here is a really great example of that.

Starlights: Once again, character art only for this series.

Moonfairies: A very fun set. I completed both character and background art for Sylphie. Woodlock, Twilight and Mote are all character only. Woodlock and Twilight are also special promo cards, so they don't appear on any standard series lists for this set. *They tell my Sylphie will be made into a plsuh toy soon!

*05.14.11 - While at a conference, a fan's Mom found me and asked me to sign a couple of my Bella Sara cards for her daughter. I was completely flattered, and then sadly disappointed to see that while the cards she gave me DID have my name on them, the artwork was NOT mine. These accidents sometimes happen in large printing projects, I just feel bad for the actual creator of the artwork, Lynn Hogan. Fortunately, I had a sample card of my own art on hand - so I signed that and gave it to my fan - I do LOVE my fans. :)

Sunflowers: Honor of all honors, I was asked to create the character art for the TITLE character of the series, as well as her family members! It pretty much goes without saying that Sunflower was on a packaging cover. ;)

Bella's Ball: This was the first series where I was asked only for the character art. I was glad to see that Athena also ended up on a packaging variation.

Royalty: I was only asked for one character this set, so I went to town with the artwork. I discovered a new way of combining traditional pencil drawing and digital coloring I was really happy with. It paid off because my version of Anemone here ended up on one of the packaging variations.

Treasures: My very first experience with Bella Sara cards. It was a completely new experience and I had to find a new way to work because of how the final art was expected to be delivered. I usually work in colored pencil, but it ended up working out better for me to coplete the majority of these as digital art. Lien was selected to appear on one of the four packaging cover variations for this set. *Harmony is the ONLY Bella Sara character I've completed in colored pencil.

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