Friday, November 18, 2005

Illustration Friday: FREE

the serengeti unicorn

colored pencil (berol prismacolor)
approx. 12" x 18"
on 180lb. arches hot press watercolor paper

just to get a post in early(ish)... here's another recycled illustration.
run free, right?

i swear, i do more than unicorns. ;)

comments, questions, criticisms are welcome.
(but please don't hurt me ;)


Anonymous said...

Your work is fabulous, please keep posting, can't wait to see more!
I love the volcano unicorn too - what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Your unicorn looks fabulously free! I love the movement :)

violetismycolor said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Pickledog said...

Awesome unicorn creations. Wonderful technique.

Doug said...

very nice!

Trout Fishing on Oahu said...

I love the color and the depth of field. And what's not to like about a Serengeti unicorn?!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Nice colors. I like the feeling of movement to this.

Todd DeWolf said...

Very free and lovely. Cheers!

carla said...

Gorgeous!!!!! This is so full of life and beauty, and so full of a wonderful artistic imagition. Your pencil work is masterful.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. Way to apply a theme to your theme. :)

Unknown said...

Love your illustration styles!! Great works!

scott said...

love the grass baby
you remind me of me
cheers scott

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