Thursday, April 13, 2006

Illustration Friday: MONSTER

next to 'horse' or 'unicorn' this is potentially my favorite theme there could ever be - yet, I had a hard time with it. i don't dislike the results, but i can't say i love it either. still, i'm trying catch up with four weeks of IF here!!
if only i could get back to color! your missing it, i can tell!


wonil said...

awesome! i love this one. somehow it feels oriental and western at the same time, strange and nice mixture!

welcome back mb.

frank h said...

great stuff here!
my fav is 'simple' - but , all your artwork is very good

Shannon said...

She's very hypnotic - those eyes....
(Seems a 'she' to me. Not sure why. Curliques and button nose perhaps?) I like it!

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