Monday, January 08, 2007

Illustration Friday: BUZZ

a la tea stain.
I dropped a tea bad on a page in my sketchbook today (on purpose), thinking I'd turn the strain into a drawing. I blew around the excess water and, completely randomly, it took on this body-like shape with legs! And when I lifted the teabag itself, there was an almost perfect heart shape right in the middle. I added some details with chalk and graphite, then finished the eyes with colored pencil.
So here's my buzzzzzzing queen bee, for a little something completely different from me.


studio lolo said...

Oh that's quite the Queen! Perhaps you should offer her some tea?

emila said...

very pretty!

Doug said...

OK!... a very creative way to go about it this week. I may have to try this... nice job!

Michelle said...

I really like this peice. So original and very appealing.

wonil said...

she is not the typical bossy queen of the hive, but a motherly, warm, lady of the house.

hey MB, how's it going? i see that you've been keeping up with IF. i've been a bit busy lately. are you taking any classes this time? i may take one called Designing from the Heart, which sounded a bit open to personal styles.

anyways, happy new year, and see you around.

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