Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Illustration Friday: CONTAGIOUS

It would be nice if I could post to my blog everyday, but I'm lucky if I get something new up once a week. Thankfully, I've been getting better with free-time doodling, due in part to the inspiring Dani Jones and her amazing ability to record and share almost everything she does.

Today she posted to her own doodle blog, Dani 's Doodles, which gave me the bug… and since i would never draw a robot of my own accord, I thought it a pretty appropriate post for this week's theme. :) Of course, my little robot doesn't seem to be invading anything - he seems more curious than anything else.


damon said...

nice robot

Burt said...

You should ALWAYS draw robots of your own accord!

Gregor said...

Cool robot!

Imaginitive take on the word.

A.R. Keithley said...

Thanks for your comments on my Sweet Tooth blog.....I am such a fan of your blog---it inspires me to keep drawing. The robot sketch is so fun, and the composition is great. You should post one in color too! I also hope to post to my blog every day----working on it---I have more styles other than realism that I'd like to share.

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