Monday, September 21, 2009

New Work: Environment Miniature

This weekend, I volunteered to demonstrate for Caran d'Arche at a local trade show - Artists' Materials expo. It was a very interesting event, iI wish I could have spent more time learning about various other materials (new & old), there was a lot to see. But I did get a chance to purchase some mew pencils, paper, and various other working surfaces to play with.
I was demonstrating a new line of specially developed lightfast pencils, Luminance 6901. One of the biggest faults of colored pencil as a medium has been it's overall failure to stand up to any kind of UV exposure. Caran d'Arche's new line sets a remarkable standard, holding up to light exposure as well as an oil painting. Great news for those of us that love colored pencil.
I usually don't work with colored pencil brands other than Primsacolor, but it was an absolute joy working with the Caran d'Arche pencils. They may have made a convert out of me - but I'll have to work on a few more pieces before I start investing, with an average cost of $4+ a pencil. For volunteering my time, I was given a 38 pencil Luminance set (other sets come in 16 and 76), which had a "show special" value of $125.
Before and during the event, I worked on the above miniature. I wanted to do something small, and decided to work on an 'environment', or landscape setting - as I generally focus on character work. I'm quite happy with this moody, if slightly erie, woodland setting. I'm happy with the detail as well, for a piece that measures only 2.5" x 3.5".
Below is a picture of some of the other samples and materials that I either purchased or was given in sample form.

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diggin the feel of this. nicely done!

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