Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Illustration Friday: SLITHER

Sleepy Snakes. This is a sketch I did last year, it was meant to be the follow-up piece to my Sleepy Bears (that will be traveling to the CPSA International Exhibition in a few weeks). I really liked how it was developing, but I think I got hung up on that fact that snakes doesn't have eyelids - so while they're sleeping underground, they won't LOOK like they're sleeping. Anyway, this is my rough of the layout. I got as far as the final sketch, but haven't been able to get past the eyelid issue. Thoughts? Should I keep going?

I am SO bad at keeping up with my blog. This is a desperate attempt to post anything, as opposed to something good, since I've been so… distracted lately.
Of course, distracted is an understatement. Crazy big events going on here, for me. Work, travel, packing, travel, work, work, and more travel. Then… moving? ;) More on that soon.


Eric Braddock said...

Nice! I like your idea, I'm looking forward to seeing it progress :)

Casey G. said...

Do you have time to keep going? I think you should; not a lot of people draw snakes and make them look beautiful.

Eyelids. . . just put them in? Somehow make it look natural. Of course you will get people who yell at you about it. You could play with making them look sleepy with open eyes, it would be like a trial of using just a point for an eye and getting expression.

Alice said...

It's an illustration...I didn't know snakes didn't have eyelids. So, I say go for it. Give them eyelids. And maybe a drowsy look? Eyes not completely closed?

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