Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Work: Sticker Sunday - "Gardening"

And so, it is almost springtime! It's time to start thinking about garden plans, needs, and supplies. This is a sheet I worked on a couple years ago, and although I'm not much of a gardener, one I've always been quite fond of. I guess I like the idea of gardening, but I can never seem to get myself out the door to do any! I'm much more of a houseplant aficionado. Give me a Bonsai any day (and yes, I did a sticker sheet for that ;). Anyway, even though it's a theme made up of not-the-most-exciting icons, I guess I've always liked the color and flow of this sheet - it almost tells a complete story of someone about the head to the garden, what they've planned, and what they'll need. That's kind of rare in stickers.

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