Monday, October 24, 2011

B is for Byangoma

Byangoma are birds who can tell fortunes, though they are renowned for their finicky nature, helping only those they deem worthy.  Scholars have debated for centuries whether the Byangoma are intelligent beings, or if they merely have a magical instinct.  The species originated in modern Bangladesh.
Every person experiences this fortune telling differently.  Some claim to hear a voice, others receive visions. The most common experience is to hear the birds song, and suddenly have an intuition about a future event.

These are my "resting" byangoma… I have plans for a "fortune-telling" byangoma as well (in other words, "on display"), but as usual I am up late working on this because I can't seem to work ahead of schedule. LOL


Katriona said...

I love it. Lovely composition, and I particularly like the dark legs/feet against the pale branches :)

Isaac said...

These are awesome. They remind me a little of the birds of paradise—not my drawing of them, but the real thing.

Andi Butler said...

They're lovely, looking forward to C!

a : )

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