Monday, April 02, 2012

Drawing Morning Pages (Doodle Edition 75)

Mar 29-Apr 01, 2012

Some Behind-the-Drawings Thoughts:
3/29 - I've been very busy and distracted with concepts and heavy thinking over the last few days… when that happens, lots of patterns & scribbles start showing up in my sketchbook. Less thought, more line.
3/30 - I drew this while watching some friends play poker. I'm not a poker player myself, but I was invited and I went. It was actually very interesting to watch and listen. It was also very warm weather, so my thoughts were of spring (or the lack there of - seems to be either summer or winter here).
3/31 - More heavy thought - I just wanted to fill a page here - I was playing with the line quality of my brush-tip fountain pen, then went back in with a charcoal colored brush marker. I just love the 'flaws' of a brush.
4/01 - I've been keeping up with the fat mum slim monthly photo-a-day challenges on instagram. A bit irregularly, but keeping up nonetheless. This is my third mini-photo spread of a month's worth of photos. I'm a very nostalgic person, I love looking at moments in time - and I'm actually really looking forward to rediscovering these collections years from now… and the sketchbook drawings too. LOL!

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