Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Reading Picture Books, Sans Kid/s

So, I've be a "pre-published" picture book illustrator for more years than I'd like to admit (shortly to to be remedied, hangin' in until November-ish, I think). But after Steven Malk's talk at the the SCBWI LA conference since summer, I brought home his "30 PICTURE BOOKS THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW" list and I realized that I really don't read enough picture books. Sure I always pick up a few when I walk into any bookstore, but that's all haphazard and casual, not a conscious effort. So, along with a couple of my critique group partners, I've decided to work picture-book-reading-time into my weekly routine. The goal is at least 10 per week, but sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less, I just fit in what I can. The library is such a blessing. I have to say, the Hold/Inter-Library-Loan system makes it a lot easier for me, even if I do look funny running in and out of the library with massive piles of picture books and no kid attached. I hit the limit a couple weeks back when I checked out my 50th book (that's 50 books checkout AT ONE TIME … *although it took me a couple visits to reach that ;), oops!
So, here are some images to catch you all up on the several weeks this has been going…

Library session #1

Library session #2
+ a small Crockett Johnson book-a-thon

Library session #3
a MASSIVE Leo Lionni book-a-thon
*can you tell I'm also reading The Girl with the Brown Crayon?

Bookstore Session #1, for some fresh new flavors!

Library session #4
+ some more Crockett Johnson love
*starting to mix in suggestions/books my crit partners are reading

Library session #5
+ mixing in suggestions/books my crit partners are reading
*also re-read two childhood-favorite classics, just 'cause I love them


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your post and lists, Melinda! 10 PBs per week is a great goal.

Some of these books are new to me, too. I'll look for them at my library.

Christina Rodriguez said...

Gotta love those Inter-Library Loans! I must admit I've never reached my limit, though. Mostly I'm limited by how many books I can physically carry and walk home with. Love your selection!

melinda beavers said...

Some of the books are super-new, especially the ones from the bookstore session. I get really frustrated with the library sometimes, they don't have many new releases. But, they DO have plenty of classics to tide me over!

melinda beavers said...

LOL, true! I actually bring a separate bag to carry-in/carry-out the books… and generally picture books aren't too bad even when in piles.

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