Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Conference Photo Recap: SCBWI Austin 2014

Road Tripping through west Texas—the drive from ABQ to Austin

Tomie dePaola Award winner, Akiko White, cuts the cake!

Volunteer dinner at the Writing Barn… where several writers & illustrators have signed the rafters

The conference begins!

Portfolio Showcase

Kelly Murphy's Keynote

Illustrator Intensive day

Live sketching for character development exercises at Illustrator Intensive with Kelly Murphy.

Awesome people… sure, I'll include myself in that—twice. D'oh!

Around Austin—had to get a food shot in there, SO GOOD!

Wouldn't have happened without this one, thanks Lynn for being such a good driving buddy!
p.s. who knew west Texas was the land of roadkill skunks.
43 dead skunks between Austin & Lubbock.

Took to photographing random side-of-the-road derelict houses on the drive home.
It was really sad that there were so many, but I can see sound awesome potential in these buildings.

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