Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Giant Robot 2's Eleventh Annual Post-It Show

Hello my long-wondering-what-I'm-up-to blog followers! Let's just say my 2014/15 years have been a time of introspection and exploration. I've been taking workshops, webinars, and online classes. I've been taking trips and attending conferences. Basically, soaking up a bunch of knowledge and being inspired a whole lot.

And I've been creating. I've continued to experiment with my brush-pen patterns and designs. I've even started doing some representational experiments. I have an exciting new personal project focusing on just that, I'm hoping to get it started in early 2016.

In the meantime, I'm very excited to announce I was invited to participate in Giant Robot's Post-It Show Eleven! The show opens at the LA gallery on Dec 5th, 2015 (check for show news here). Here's a preview of the pieces I submitted to the show:

15 post-its submitted 

"7 of 15"
Some interesting bits about the show this year: All artwork is completed on actual Post-it notes. All Post-it's are $25 (50% goes to the artist). Over 450 artists are confirmed for this year's show — including Dan SantatSusie Ghahremani, J. Otto Semibold, and Jamie Zollars!!  (forgive me other children's book peeps, the list is SO LONG I may have missed you).

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