Saturday, May 27, 2006

Illustration Friday: CAKE

*UPDATE - 05.29.06
Finished the promotional sign for the inside the shop. I feel like it's a little more complete this way.

completed illustration.

in context - postcard.

Irony saves the day...

It's been weeks since I've been able to get my act together enough to post something, let only a new something, especially a new something more complete than a rough sketch! Now at last I can post a finished illustration - thanks to the luck of the draw - no pun intended.

I do design work for a friend of mine with a coffee shop on a regular basis. This coming month is the shop's first anniversary, so the two of us came up with a birthday cake theme. The illustration will be used in several ways (Signs, Ads, promotional flyers, etc.) but the first thing she needed was a postcard to promote the celebration itself. Do you like?

What gets me is that I spent a good part of Friday evening completing this design - before I even looked at the IF theme this week. Too funny!!

I'll post the rest as I finish it. And if you like in the northern New Jersey area - don't forget to stop by!!


Marie-Dom said...

Great work!!

carla said...

It's good to see something from you! Yes - I like this very much! The colors have that rich coffee shop look. The coffee tones go so well with the purples. It looks great!

arvindh said...

Very pleasing illustration. Already looks like a beautiful stamp.

Lady Guedes said...

Love the colors! I never thought lilac and brown could go so well together!

mbc said...

Very cool. Love the colors and illustration.

wonil said...

explosive joy! i can almost smell thick chocolate in the coffee.

how's it going? are you taking any courses this summer? i maybe taking a few.


Michael O'Connell said...

welcome back… i know how overwhelming being a designer can be… your illustration and design work are wonderful…if it weren't so late I might go get some coffee…

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