Saturday, April 19, 2008

Illustration Friday: FAIL (2)

Still behind, but catching up! I had this idea while sketching for all the IF themes I'm behind on. While the quote was easy and quick, I actually had plan and draw this. It was fun, I enjoy drawing type - although here I used a selection of fonts as reference/basis. In my sketches (below) you can see kind of how the initial idea developed and how one word leads to the next until you almost 'read' the picture of the whale. I also wanted each word to be spelled differently, but sound the same. I knew there was a third spelling option, but I needed the internet to be reminded of veil. Looking back, I like the proportions of the sketch better. In my head I saw text and icon small on the page, a pin-pint central focus. I never got past that. Now that I've finished the piece and look back at the sketch (which I didn't look at while creating the final layout) I can see it would be stronger filling up more of the layout.
I also thought of turning it into one of those mind-bender questions by changing some of the words - make it a "which one doesn't belong" kind of thing. If I used all words spelled "ale" (other than fail), the answer wouldn't be the image because it's spelled "whale". It would be like saying "failure" doesn't belong. Okay, I'm done thinking 'out loud' for now - on to PRIMITIVE!


SENTA said...

That is lovely!

Matthew Smith said...

great typeography and character! well done.

Anonymous said...

As a lover of type, I am impressed that the whale reads as a character. I hadn't noticed I was "reading" it until I found myself reading it out loud. He becomes a serif'd little mammal.

Nicely done!

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