Thursday, April 24, 2008

Illustration Friday: PRIMITIVE

I am behind. I completed this sketch on Monday fully intending to finish the color effort within a day or two, but time has got away from me and it appears I will have no chance to work on it later today. I will post the final when I get to it, but in an effort to make the deadline for this theme I am posting the sketch.

I am obviously an admirer of horses. I've seen a few other IF posters that chose to take the same approach to this theme. My drawing is based on two primitive cave paintings, both from Dordogne, France. The first is sometimes referred to as the "Chinese horses" in the Lascaux Caves (dated around 17,000 B.C), the second is called "Spotted Horse Panel" from the Peche Merle Cave (c. 25,000 B.C). It's stunning to me that these similar very paintings were completed roughly 8,000 years apart. I just finished watching the HBO series, Rome. I am reminded that the hay day of the Roman empire is only 2000 years old - it's a blip in time comparatively.


EEL said...

A lover of Art History and also an Admirer of these two works you reference, I believe homage was payed here. Great sketch, I'm looking forward to seeing the colors. I also don't have much time to create so I completely understand.

studio lolo said...

it's lovely and "primitive" as is :)

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