Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Work: Sticker Sunday - "1st Birthday Boy"

This is my birthday month, so I'm going to concentrate on some of my more recent birthday/baby sticker themes. My nephew's birthday is also this week, so I'm kicking things of with a birthday boy theme (even though he's much older than 1). Birthday themes come up a lot in stickers and I've done so many birthday sticker sheets I can't even count them anymore. Sometimes they get a little more specific, like Birthday Cakes only or Birthday Candles (both of which I've done in the past). It can either make things easier or more difficult… the later as with this one. A "first" birthday is very specific, and with a child so young it's more of a birthday/baby combination. Thankfully I was asked for both girl and boy themed sheets which also makes things a little easier.

Once again, being a Jolee's/3D sticker I was not involved with the vector art, color or production of this sheet - so it was a nice surprise to see the finished product. I happen to like these colors, but they had to recreate my text work and I'm not fond of the results. This was before I was delivering the vector text files with my final sketches - which I do regularly now.

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