Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday

To me! LOL
Seriously, I had an amazing birthday this year… because it lasted like, a week. And, most importantly, I didn't get the flu (like last year—literally, on my birthday).

My friend, Mike, held his annual White Elephant party a bit late this season… and my friend Lynn arranged to combine it with a surprise party, for ME! I usually hate surprises, but this… was totally awesome! Check out the handmade birthday card from Lynn and the awesome colored pencil frame!

My friends Lynn and Vicky also treated my to an evening tea at the St. James Tearoom. The Tearoom had an artist theme this month, including my favorite tea, Van Gogh Smiling. Look at all the goodies we enjoyed, do they not look amazing?! And that's the gluten-free menu!

Vicky took me to the same tea back in 2012, here is a page from my morning pages, on which I drew the entire menu. So good! (the food specifically, but I like the drawings too)

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