Saturday, January 25, 2014

Re-Visiting The Last Unicorn

Yet another birthday surprise—a couple weeks ago, my friend Miranda announced that she was getting me tickets to see Peter S. Beagle (as if I need to mention, but I will—the legendary author of The Last Unicorn the book, and screen writer of The Last Unicorn movie) in Santa Fe at the end of the month. WHAAAAAT??!!!!

waiting in line to get in

So, while I did know that George R.R. Martin lived in Santa Fe, I did not know that he recently bought and revoted a small theatre there, the Jean Cocteau Cinema. It's a really cool place, small and intimate—and they have amazing events.

This one was so cool, George R.R. Martin basically interviewed Peter S. Beagle, on stage. It was a lovely, informal conversation between two greats. We heard all kinds of behind the scenes tidbits—like how Peter started The Last Unicorn years before going back and finishing it (a version of the original manuscript will be released soon), how Peter didn't know where the unicorns where for most of the writing of the book, and how George had approached Peter to write for the TV show Beauty and the Beast—and Peter turned him down! And, exciting news—they're planning a live-action movie! After the talk, the showed a remaster version of the animated movie.

I gotta say, I thought it was going to be cool, but damn if I didn't turn into a complete fangirl once I was there.
George and Peter chat on stage

Peter signs books from his impressive oeuvre 

Look and me and George! Yeah, I'm slouching. ;)

A special promo image. I didn't get one, but I did love the image.

I bought two collections of short stories & got all my copies of The Last Unicorn signed:
two paperback editions and the new graphic novel.

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