Thursday, May 10, 2007

Illustration Friday: NEIGHBOR

A cubicle neighbor anyway. This is my friend Jason, say hi Jason!

Reading around the many inspirational illustrator blogs that I do, I came upon Rama Hughes' Portrait Party a while back and have just got around to trying it with a few friends. I drew Jason from life... but we were rushed, so I took a picture as well. This drawing is from the picture. I plan to do several more versions until the 'right' one comes out or reveals itself. This one's a little forced.

I'm on a search for my artistic 'voice'. I've been consciously looking for it for about 10 years now. Every once and again it just pops up on it's own and I can revel in it... but it's not that often. So I have to coax it, draw the same thing multiple times, or just draw because I like to. Sometimes it's hard - I've forgotten how to just be and draw like I used to - I find I rush through everything... That probably comes from work and deadline oriented life. Slowing down is the key, neighbor.

slow down.


arvindh said...

I like the expression here. Also the impact of the hand on the face is beautifully rendered.
I know what you mean by waiting for the "right" one comes out. Sometimes I sit in a concert and made several sketches of the artist in the hope that at least one turns out with a likeness I am satisfied with.

ValGalArt said...

beautiful! his eyes are soulful!

timafli said...

Very beautiful drawing. I like it a lot. What a vivid memory.

studio lolo said...

You've done such a beautiful drawing, I feel like I know him!
Hey Jason...she's done you proud.

Eoin said...

Great Portrait, absolutely love your work for Fine Grind too!

T-RONE said...

the detail on this piece is very good, the expression on jason's faces is shown very well

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