Sunday, May 27, 2007

TAGGED: 7 RaNDom ThinGs aBoUt Me...

I've been tagged! At last! I thought no one loved me, but Kelly does! She even has me on her links list! I love being linked to!! That's why I link as much as possible!! Anyway - down to the facts:

1 • I LOVE MOVIES. unfortunately none of my friends seem to love them as much, so i often end up going to random matinees by myself. upside: there usually aren't many other people there to spoil the show with loud personal commentary, ringing cell phones, or stomach turning body odor. I also live for netflix - LOVE that I always have another movie coming!

2 • I DON'T HAVE CABLE. this doesn't mean i don't watch tv, but it does mean i don't watch that much (LOST! HOEROES! VERONICA MARS!). i gave up cable last summer to save cash (& time), but never really needed to get it back, so i didn't. i do have some very nice friends that DVR certain shows for me, and most of the REALLY good stuff gets talked about or offered for sale on DVD or iTunes anyway. :) shortly i'll be giving up my ancient tv as well. the computer'll do.

3 • I LOVE MY CAR. it's a make and model most people have never heard of, a suzuki reno, and ORANGE. it's officially 2 years old next month, but i try to take good care of it so it still looks brandy new - even though it tangled with three other vehicles in it's first year out (including a BUS!) and lots of time parked in Manhattan. it's lived to tell the tale though - must be its positive attitude. it's the cutest thing on the road as far as i'm concerned!

4 • I HATED THE COLOR ORANGE AS A CHILD. i thought i would always hate orange. oops.

5 • I'M MOVING TO MANHATTAN. at least that's the plan. i'm trying to be smart about it - paying off all debts, saving money at the same time, learning how to budget (and actually LIVE on that budget) and all that good stuff. and i'm struggling with the idea of possibly having to give up my car. :( but, MANHATTAN... it's a dream, it's exciting, and i'm scared out of my mind! but you're supposed to do things that scare you, right?

6 • I HATED THE CITY AS A CHILD. i didn't mind visiting, but i thought i could never live there in a million years! egh! dirty, crowded, noisy... how wrong can one girl be about her future!?

7 • I'M 6'3" AND I LOVE BEING TALL. it's taken 30 years to come to this conclusion. even with the funny looks, double takes, difficult shopping expeditions, and limited supply of taller men - i now embrace my height... and heels. :) (batman is SO not even taller than me... he's on a platform!)

ps... i also surfing the internet daily perusing other illustrator's websites kelly! i'm like - ADDICTED.


kdhamel said...

Hey Melinda - Great list! How depressing is it that Lost isn't on until February?!!! I only tagged 3 people - I don't know all that many, and some of those I do "know" were already tagged:) Thanks for being a good sport!

studerdoodle said...

Thanks for the reply. I think that by continuosly generating things thru IF, I have gained about 10 somewhat solid pieces for a portfolio. Even submitting to threadless, and dealing with immature and somewhat crass critiques helps. I think dealing with your own insecurity about your work, was never put into the eqation of 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration. I think that by dealing with Illustration Friday submissions I have no clients but me, and no expectations but my own. Sure I check my email 20 times a day after submitting just to see if I received any comments, but I think secretly we all do. It's just that fun!!!

more links for ya:

You may have seen some or all. Thanks, tom

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