Saturday, May 26, 2007

Useful Tools 1: Idea Log

Knock Knock is company that puts out funny, kitchy, ridiculously outrageous stationery products - most based on the idea that YOU fill-in-the-blank - whatever. They have products like REPORT CARDS, MULTIPLE CHOICE CARDS, FLASHCARDS, various KITS, plus so much more.

I've been a huge fan for years. They recently released a new series of LOGS, a series of To-Do lists for your brain, so-to-speak. I love them. I make lists ALL THE TIME, it's what I do - so this kind of thing is just perfect for me. I keep my lists all over the place - but these logs conveniently let you organize your thoughts by subject, all in one place. Log subjects include: the IDEA LOG, the MIND LOG, the HEALTH LOG, the COMPUTER LOG, the CULTURE LOG, and the MONEY LOG.

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studerdoodle said...

Thanks for the tag! It's good to know my doodles are appreciated. Dig your design work!

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