Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Work: Sticker Sunday - "Rose Hearts"

Happy Valentine's Day!
This was design did not start out as a Valentine's theme. At least, not that I know of. I suppose I could have made the assumption with the only direction of the assignment being "heart shapes made of roses". I tried to find traditional and non-tradional ways of showing the requested icons. Some results worked better than others. I was afraid the heart made from petals wouldn't read well in vector art, but it was apparently the heart shaped rose bud that did not - as can be seen in the change made by the production team after I submitted my final art. I'd also tried to keep the colors varied, including oranges and yellows along with the whites, pinks and reds. But this theme was released last month with other Valentine themes, so I guess they felt the need to make the colors more universally Valentine's related/monotone at the production stage as well.

Working digitally makes things much easier/faster with this kind of theme. I only had to draw 3 or 4 detailed rose variations and 4 or 5 rose petal variations, and use them to create all the varied icons on the sheet. Flipping and rotating the individual pieces so duplicate roses can't be easily identified, I pieced it all together like a puzzle (FYI, I created the original sketch the same way, using photoshop). Along with the color changes, it gives the sheet a nice variation of shapes with uniform "building blocks" to hold it all together.

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