Monday, April 11, 2011

New Work: Sticker Monday - "Cherry Blossoms"

Whoops, late again. I try… mostly I'm good about posting these updates… unfortunately I injured my drawing hand on Friday and had to give myself the weekend off! Fortunately, I'm healing fine and all appears to be be well on the mend.

So, these are my cherry blossoms. I actually finished them a couple years ago now - so I can't rightly call them "new work", but what are you going to do? The artwork did not change much from sketch to my final vector artwork, but you can see they did change the layout quite a bit after final art was submitted. Usually, they like smaller icons - after all, the smaller the icons, the more icons fit on a sheet, the more perceived value of the sticker sheet. But they enlarged the overall icons here, and it apparently worked. It has been a best seller for them - so much so they came back asked for several more "blossom" designs in this style with different colors later on.

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