Saturday, July 09, 2011

Illustration Friday: STAY

So, this was a "morning/afternoon/evening pages" doodle I started and chipped away at all day today… it wasn't until I was almost done that I looked at it and thought, "Stay" and burst out laughing to myself.

Yes, you there… monstrous red, two-headed, six-legged wolf-dog… you stay right THERE -- and I'll just walk away, FAR AWAY. Pay me no mind, do not follow me, just STAY.

I'll probably play around with the word some more during the week and try to do something a bit more apropos to my current portfolio goals… but this was a fun little experiment for today.


P&H Design said...

LOL... Love how you morphed your morning pages into a potential portfolio piece. Nice! Monstrous, mauling mutt, so very cool.

Sarah said...

I love this... especially the four front legs for some reason.

AHAviews said...

Perfect. For the topic, and as advice on what to do when meeting two-headed-six-legged creatures.

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