Thursday, June 30, 2011

Illustration Friday: MIDSUMMER NIGHT

Once again, I've run out of time… but I'm still trying to keep my promises to myself and participate & post for Illustration Friday regularly. So, here's a work-in-progress for the Midsummer Night theme: a mock-up book cover sketch. I plan to add a whole lot more (possibly animals in the tress, fairies?, etc.) and make it a real melding of illustration in the background with designy elements in vector overlapping/transparent on top. I also couldn't pass up a chance to do some hand lettering. Love it.

Basically I just started doodling and my mind wandered and eventually landed on this idea for a book cover. All while on a plane, being watched by fellow travelers.


LucyLocketsPocket said...

very inspirational sketches :-)

Jade said...

Love how you wrote night, I wish I had hand lettering skills! I hope you complete this. :)

Kim said...

Love it! I love to do hand lettering myself so I was instantly drawn to your image on Illustration Friday. You can check me out at I'm new to Illustration Friday and have just started up my site. Hopefully I will figure out my signature style and run with it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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